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预售商品发货说明Shipping Policy for Pre-sale Products

Shipping Policy for Pre-sale Products:

  1. 预售商品,按照商品详情页的发货时间为准。如遇疫情、工厂停工等特殊情况导致发货延迟,我们将在第一时间通过您的下单邮箱进行通知,并提供补偿方案,如您要求,我们将第一时间安排退款。
    Pre-sale products, expected delivery time after payment on the product details page. In case of epidemic, factory shutdowns and other special circumstances resulting in delayed delivery, we will notify you through your order email at the first time and provide a compensation plan, if you request refund, we will also arrange it at the first time.

  2. 如未查到相关发货信息,请第一时间联系客服邮箱/微信/WhatsApp,我们将为你核实发货情况。
    If you do not find the relevant shipping information, please contact customer service email/WeChat/WhatsApp at first, we will verify the shipping situation for you.