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航运物流提供商:Shopline、SF、DHL、UPS、TNT、FEDEX 和 EMS(因国家/地区而异)
Shipping logistics providers: Shopline, SF, DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX and EMS (varies to countries)

Delivery Estimates:

- S.E.亚洲:8~24 个工作日
- 北美:8~48 个工作日
- 欧洲:15~48 个工作日
- S.E. Asia: 8~24 business days
- North America: 8~48 business days
- Europe: 15~48 business days

(因您选择的运输解决方案和您所在的国家/地区而异,它们只是估计值,很遗憾,不能保证。特别是由于 COVID 情况)
(Varies from the shipping solution you choose and the country you’re at, and they are only estimates and unfortunately, cannot be guaranteed. Especially due to COVID situation)

需提供税号的国家 Required to Povide Tax ID No.

-印度尼西亚 Indonesia

印度尼西亚海关规定所有进出口货件必须持有当地收货人(进口商)或发货人(出口商)的税号 (NPWP),如果缺少税号或税号无效,货件将可能会无法清关,退回始发地。
所有出口至印度尼西亚货件需按要求在运单上提供收件人税号:企业-提供印尼税号(NPWP-Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak)私人-提供印度尼西亚税号(NPWP-Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak)或下列任一项:
a.如是当地国民,提供印尼国民的印尼身份证号码(称为NIK-Nomor Induk kependukan)或印尼驾照;

Indonesian customs stipulates that all import and export shipments must hold the tax number (NPWP) of the local consignee (importer) or consignor (exporter). If the tax number is missing or invalid, the shipment may not be cleared. , return to the origin. All shipments exported to Indonesia are required to provide the recipient tax number on the waybill: Business - Provide Indonesian Tax Number (NPWP-Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak) Private - Provide Indonesia Tax Number (NPWP-Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak) or any of the following One:

a. In the case of local nationals, provide Indonesian National ID number (called NIK-Nomor Induk kependukan) or Indonesian driver’s license;

b. If you are a foreigner, provide your passport number or Indonesian driver's license; please be aware of the above and provide the corresponding customs clearance information as required. If the goods are delayed in customs clearance, fined, abandoned or returned due to incomplete information at the local customs, all responsibilities and expenses will be borne by the customer, please cooperate, thank you!

Warm Tips:

1.Please verify you have the correct shipping address on your order PRIOR to making payment as this is the address we will ship to.

2.When encountering with force majeure, the processing of orders will be delayed. Nevertheless, it is ensured that your order will be processed in a fast manner when weather permits.

3.我们采取一切合理的预防措施确保产品没有损坏,如果物品在运输过程中损坏,请在收到发货后 3 个工作日内立即通过 cs@cpophot.com 与我们联系。
3.We take every reasonable precaution to ensure that products are not damaged, If the item is damaged in transit, please immediately contact us at cs@cpophot.com within 3 business days after receiving shipping.

Orders Tracking:

After your order has been successfully placed, you will receive an Order Acknowledgement email to confirm your order details. Once your item ships, you will receive a Shipment Confirmation email including your order number, the carrier's information, the date and time the order was placed, the status of the order, and package tracking numbers for items that have shipped.You can track your items on the carrier's official website 24 hours a day.

1.Please note, international shipping services do vary from country to country. To find out the exact services that are available, please put in your full address at check out.

2. 国际运输确实意味着您可能需要支付关税和进口税。所有国际客户均应对其本国的海关费率负责。如需更多信息,我们建议您联系当地海关。 
2.Shipping internationally does mean that you may be required to pay customs and import taxes. All international customers are responsible for the customs rates within their own country. For further information, we recommend contacting your local customs office.